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 Pray for each of the Missionaries as they drive countless miles from Church to Church presenting the Ministry. Pray for us as we travel through out Texas, Oklahoma and where invited.  



$8.00 supplies one Bible

$48.00 supplies six Bibles

for one missionary.


Give Bibles in Memory of in Honor of a Loved One

Many do this instead of sending flowers


INVITE a BEAMS' Missionary to Present the Ministry

Call us for an appointment


MAIL Boxes of Bibles


Postal Regulations once again allow us to take preaddressed boxes of Bibles to Churches for members to mail.  If you would like to join the many Churches that help us mail Bibles to us. 


HOST a BEAMS Revival


Invite us to your Church to conduct a Revival


VISIT BEAMS...Bible Heritage Museum


Bring a group of teens, seniors or other group from you church to tour the Ministry and

help pack Bibles for shipment and visit our new Bible Heritage Museum. 


Support the BEAMS' Ministry

Support the Ministry monthly along with your Mission Family