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 Prayer Letters


The following letters are mailed monthly to Churches on our Mail List!  These Churches represent for the most part those which we have at least visited during the year; but most are Churches where we were given the opportunity to Preach and Present the BEAMS Ministry. 


If you would like to be added to our 'Mail List' go to the 'Mail List Manager' page and leave your email address.  May GOD Bless Y'all Real Good!


Dr. Don Smith


"And People who do not know the LORD ask why in the world we waste our lives as Missionaries. They forget that they too are expending their lives... and when the bubble has burst, they will have nothing of Eternal Significance to show for the years they have wasted.- Nate Saint”
Oct-Dec 2013                                                  “2013 In Review!”
Dear Pastor and Church,
I did not intend to combine three months into one Prayer Letter; those of you who follow us on Facebook read our weekly ‘BEAMS Updates’; but, October through December were very busy months requiring a lot of driving and very little time ‘in the office’. While being busy is a tremendous blessing, I have begun to ‘set aside’ time within our schedule to keep up with our Prayer Letters. 
The year 2013 was a Great Year for the Ministry! Though I have no previous year to compare, from what others who have traveled down this road tell me, GOD has Truly Blessed. We have been in 90 Churches throughout the State to include trips, West to East, to Washington State, Oklahoma, Arkansas and briefly to Louisiana. Our Ministry also has taken us to Mississippi twice. 
We drove about 40,000 milesand I lost count of how many overnights! We ‘broke down’ in San Antonio, TX,  we were ‘broken into’ in Killeen, TX, we were chased out of Oklahoma by a storm and we got lost so many times we named our GPS, ‘DG’, which is short for ‘dumb goober’! BUT, GOD is still in control! We fixed the truck, replaced what was stolen, found a new weather app for my phone and the GPS, well, at least we have not driven into any lakes. Praise the LORD; nothing can take away the JOY of the warm receptions from Pastors and the loving welcome from the people we have experienced!
I Preached 77 timesto congregations from eight to over 400! GOD brought two young men to the alar surrendering to the full-time ministry, HE brought many to Salvation and from comments received, lives were touched. All GOD allowed us to speak to, now know our Burden to Send Bibles without cost to our Missionaries. 
From our count, GOD enabled us to deliver nearly 600 boxes of Biblesto Churches for mailing. We Introduced the Ministry in every one of the 90 Churches we visited. When you consider the ten Missionaries traveling full time every week of this past year and the entire BEAMS TEAM working in the Ministry in Gulfport, MS, more Churches today support BEAMS than this time last year. More Bibles are in the hands of Missionaries than this time last year. To GOD be the Glory!
This year our Home Church, Landmark Independent Baptist Church, Corsicana, TX will host its Second Annual BEAMS Rally 13-15 April 2014. The Rally centered around ‘Great Preaching’ on the Bible, is to give Pastors the opportunity to learn more about the Ministry. Our key Speakers will be Dr. Clyde Box, Evangelist and Conference Speaker; and Dr. Rene’ Freret, President and Director of BEAMS.Monday and Tuesday nights are included to give Pastors the opportunity to attend. For overnight recommendations and more information contact any of the numbers on the letterhead. As always, if we can help you or your Church, please contact us.
Please Pray for Us and GOD Bless,
Dr. Don and Pat Smith
BEAMS Missionaries